Friday, March 20, 2009

Payton and Abby

Our cousin's children are visiting their grandmother in town this week for spring break, so yesterday we took them out for a photo session.
The first few pictures were taken in our Aunt Sheron's yard.Next we walked through downtown Selmer, taking pictures wherever we saw an interesting background. We love the diverse settings you can find downtown.We noticed this doorway in a downtown alley a few weeks ago and immediately knew that we wanted to use it in a photograph!The railroad shots are some of our favorites.Afterwards we went to the Selmer park, where the remainder of these photographs were taken.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Gallaghers

While we were in Texas last week we had the opportunity to do a photo session with our dear friends, Hope and James Gallagher, and their darling little boys, Patrick and Nicolas. We had so much fun with them!
We didn't have our photography lights with us, so there are some lighting problems/shadows in the pictures......but turning them to black and white helps some. :)Three year old PatrickTwo month old NicolasThis picture is one of my favorites!How sweet!Patrick has a precious smile! He was so cheerful and cooperative the entire time.Patrick is such a sweet big brother.Little Nicolas is so cute!I loved the way Hope had Nicolas' name hanging in his room; I just had to capture it in a photograph!